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Seamlessly Connect All Your Offices using Centrex

The evolving business landscape calls for a fully managed telecommunication service and the Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) Centrex solution offers your business just that. With the TTBS Centrex solution, enterprises get a fully managed telecommunication service, be it at new premises or while replacing/ enhancing an existing system, with minimal or no capital expenditure. Our IP Centrex connectivity simulates an EPABX to provide features of an advanced EPABX without investing in one. The TTBS Centrex phone system uses its own compatible lines for continuous service backed up by industry 1st SLA commitment.

Benefits of Using Centrex Service from Tata Tele

Save up on your business expenditures and enjoy a hassle-free telecommunication service across your office locations
Multi-Office Connectivity
Multi-party Conference service
Services like Call Hold, Call Line Identification, Call Forwarding etc. available
Enhanced Security with Dynamic Locking
Authentication Code to Prevent Unauthorised Use

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Centrex is a service for companies that don't want to invest in and manage their own private telecommunications network. It is a Central Office Exchange, not a PBX, because the lines from individual telephones and data terminals are connected directly to the PTO's exchange.
A PBX is similar to a localised phone system, with each line having only a three or four-digit phone number. Companies prefer PBX because it saves money, while employees love it because it makes numbers easier to recall. An IP Centrex phone system is a telephone company-provided service that simulates a Centrex PBX system.
Some of the features available are direct inward dialling (DID), Automatic call routing to attain the lowest cost, Conference calling, Call forwarding, Call pick-up groups, Automatic call distribution (ACD), and Call detail recording.
A telephone service in which the telephone company's facilities house an IP-based PBX. Rather than using telephone lines, it connects to the customer over a local area network (LAN).IP CENTREX provides voice-over IP and other IP-based services and standard telephone system connectivity (PSTN).
Centrex (central office exchange service) is a service provided by local telephone companies in the United States that allow businesses to use up-to-date phone facilities at the phone company's central (local) office without acquiring their own.
Bell MTS Managed Centrex is a user-friendly, cost-effective, and powerful telecommunications system with comprehensive capabilities for any company with large telecommunications needs.
It is a central office-based communication service that combines all of your existing and new multi-location telephone lines into a single highly functioning communication group with additional capabilities without needing additional equipment (such as an EPABX) on your premises.
The physical configuration of Centrex is identical to that of a POTS access line. Centrex, like POTS, requires physical twisted-pair copper lines. The way the line is terminated at the carrier company's facilities differs between the POTS and Centrex types.
Centrex trunks can help you expand your business phone system. It's a low-cost option to securely connect your existing business phone system and equipment to our network and access a variety of valuable features. Enhance your business phone system with Centrex's extensive standard and extra features.
Raise the receiver and dial *72, followed by the designated phone number. Then wait for two beeps, hang up, and call back. Forward The universal feature has been enabled.
Zones are not limited to Centrex IP. It's a service that covers the entire country of India. A customer can have a PAN India IP centrex service, which means that numbers across India can be combined into a single Centrex group. Each group member can communicate with the others by dialling a shortcode.
Centrex offers a basic set of features and is typically offered through analogue access lines, with digital lines available for bigger facilities. Local and long-distance calls, as well as voice texting, are all included.
It is an IP-based telephone service that replaces traditional ISDN and onsite PBX solutions in UK businesses.
You can activate the Centrex phone system on your Airtel landline by dialling 121 and asking for CENTREX to be activated. They will request three numbers from those who are already members of the Centrex Group. Once activated, dial # and the last four digits of the Airtel landline number to reach all group members.
Incoming calls can be dialled directly without the intervention of an operator using the Centrex technology. Every telephone served by the Centrex system is directly connected to the telephone company switching centre, and the Centrex equipment is situated at the local telephone company's central office premises.
Centrex and VoIP have one thing in common: they're both hosted services with a set contract pricing. Both of them carry voice traffic. The similarities, however, end there. Voice over Internet Protocol, or Centrex VoIP, is a voice that flows over the internet, as the name implies.

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