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Ultra-Flexible, Anytime, Anywhere Cloud Communication

Do you want to offer seamless interactions to your customers while your teams work remotely? Do you want to enhance your customer experience with anytime, anywhere, and intelligent conversations? If so, ow forward with SmartFlo, an anytime, anywhere advanced cloud communication suite.SmartFlo offers a range of solutions that include SmartFlo Hosted Call Connect, SmartFlo Multi-level IVR and SmartFlo Hosted Contact Center.

Benefits of Using Cloud Communication from Tata Tele

From delivering an enhanced customer experience to helping cut operational costs, Smartflo simplifies communication for businesses.
Customized Comprehensive Dashboard
Smart Call Flow Strategy for Agents
Intelligent All-time Customer Call Routing
Privacy and Protection for Agents and Clients
Intelligent Assistant and Sticky Agents for Customers
CRM-Integrated Contact Management

Got Questions?

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To know ‘what is a cloud communication platform,’ we are there to help. As a cloud communication platform, we enable businesses to easily and quickly integrate calling and voice features into their business applications. We use a set of communication APIs rather than building our own telephony infrastructure. Whether you’re a big enterprise or a small tech startup, we ensure a network built to scale. With the growth of your business, our cloud communication services also grow with you to meet all your communication needs. With access to our platform, you won’t have to deal with any inconvenience and hassle. We are built to scale and give cost-effective results to you.
The answer to ‘what is communication services by Smartflo’ is simple. It allows business enterprises to enhance their customer engagement rate with clients via 24/7 seamless communication at any place. Smartflo’s communication services enable entrepreneurs’ vision to extend beyond their cubicles, to work more efficiently from anywhere they choose to. With no Capex investment and zero installation charges, it is a quick setup. Backed by TTBS, Smartflo comes with a guarantee of 99.5%. The cloud communication platform ensures uninterrupted business continuity. It equally appeals to all sizes of business enterprises that need multi-modal, multi-functional, economic, and advanced cloud communication services.
Cloud communication is a platform responsible for delivering standard and advanced functionality in one hub for all types and sizes of business enterprises. It is crucial as it collaborates efforts and streamlines communication to ensure easy access to everyone with credentials and an internet connection.
The two crucial benefits of a cloud-based phone system include controls over the modes of communication and fully-integrated communication systems.
A cloud communication platform allows you to create customized, comprehensive dashboards. These dashboards are designed to display every piece of information in an organized way that is of interest and use to the end user. Customized dashboards are displayed in the list created by Cloud Monitoring. Customized dashboards help you to:Chart metrics for various services. Display log entries and chart metrics from multiple SmartFlo projects. Display caution policies.
Being one of the best cloud communication providers, Tata Tele Business Services offers a smart call flow strategy for agents to handle all calls from customers. Our call flow is a roadmap to all your customer calls handling. We address all the complex as well as simple customer calls. With our call flow strategy, you will benefit from specific routing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), depending on the customer’s needs. Your business and contact center can leverage great benefits from our well-designed call flow strategy for agents. We ensure enhanced agent productivity and effectiveness along with a better customer experience.
Intelligent all-time call routing (ICR) is designed to enhance the customer experience for your callers and is an updated state-of-the-art design in call routing. The ICR model is ideal for business enterprises as it handles their significant volumes of calls with accuracy, responsiveness, and speed. Depending on the responses to the ICR, your business can route customers to the most relevant agents. With this capability, we ensure enhanced first-call resolution metrics and better interactions. If your enterprise offers a wide range of products, then ICR will be highly beneficial to you.
Our cloud-to-cloud communication platform and data encryption ensure that the authorized services can only access it with the encryption keys. For compliance control, privacy, and security, our digital ecosystem undergoes independent verification and meets all the regulatory guidelines and policy objectives.
NUOur cloud telecommunication platform is built with a full-time service AI chatbot that is well-optimized and integrated into your CRM systems. Our intelligent assistant and sticky agents seamlessly automate operations and save time from every customer support interaction. By pairing with our AI search functionality, let your business guide agents to the data required for resolving customer queries and enhancing human agent and customer experience. Our intelligent assistant is driven by machine learning and comes with speech-to-text capabilities.LL
With our CRM-integrated contact management, record all contacts’ details while tracking the interactions with your business. Let your business improve sales and service levels with the help of our wide range of data. We aim to provide complete and accurate data via your business software to give you a proper insight into your customers and business.

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