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All-in-one, Innovative Single Box Solution

SmartOffice® solution will help you power-up your new office or a branch without the hassles of investing in multiple devices or approaching multiple service providers. If you need a one-stop-solution offering voice, data and apps which is easy to deploy, reliable and affordable, then this is the right solution for you. Tata Tele Business Services has designed SmartOffice® as an integrated package containing IP-PBX, data modem, Wi-Fi router, firewalls, and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol(DHCP) server.It not only enables businesses to create their voice,data and network architecture easily but also helps them manage their enterprise apps for collaboration and analytics together in the cloud. It is a secure and scalable solution that helps businesses optimise their productivity and growth to lead in their industries and drive better customer experiences.

Benefits of Using Smart Office Service from Tata Tele

All-in-One Innovative Single Box solution offering voice, data and apps which is easy to deploy, reliable and affordable
SLA Backed Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk
Dedicated Bandwidth for High-Speed Internet Connectivity
Save Up on Expenses like CAPEX and Related AMC Charges
Inbuilt Wi-Fi, Firewall, Router and DHCP Server
Integrated Connectivity for PSTN Voice and Internet Bandwidth
Plug and Play Box with Web-Based GUI

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A smart office online is a tech-powered workplace that enables better control and wider access to people’s work environment by associating them with every crucial aspect of the business. It’s a part of a successful workplace strategy that increases productivity, reduces expenses, and boosts revenue for the business. For a successful digital workplace, businesses need an IoT, hardware and software, and an ecosystem of platforms. With strong, established connections, business teams can easily get track of one another, identify the best workplace environment, and instantly jump into the business meeting. With the use of smart office services, multiple businesses have witnessed more growth and progress than was before. They have emerged to be more efficient while significantly enhancing the overall business performance.
1. Smart Office Enhances Employee Productivity It’s imperative to know that employees work more efficiently when they get what they require to do their job. As smart offices are powered by multiple technologies that encourage employees to do their jobs faster and better, they can significantly boost productivity. 2. Smart Office Ensure Optimal Resource Management For Businesses Utilities like cooling, heating, and electricity add up to any office. However, a smart office storage solution enables businesses to manage their resources better while saving a good amount of money in the process. The SmartOffice IoT technology introduces sensors that help your business track the number of people in different areas of your office at any time. It helps them to adjust electricity and HVAC accordingly. For instance, if your sales team leaves the conference hall after a meeting, the sensor will track it and shut off the lights to save electricity. 3. Smart Office Provides The Required Data For Consistently Optimizing And Enhancing The Work Environment Every business wants to take crucial steps to support its team and create a more hostile, positive, effective, and productive work environment. This is where smart offices help in your business’s decision-making process by providing the required data. It leverages numerous interconnected technologies to enable business enterprises unparalleled access to data. This ultimately helps them to optimize and enhance the workplace consistently.
The three significant components of smart office services include business-specific IoT devices, repurposed intelligent home devices, and infrastructure. These technologies are considered integral components that can help businesses in almost every concern.
The average pricing of SmartOffice is around $10. Although SmartOffice offers a free version as well as a free trial, you’ll have to make a one-time payment to enjoy its premium features.
The most significant benefit of using SmartOffice is that it ensures enhanced productivity and efficiency among the employees. It automates multiple business operations and makes tasks simpler and easier for the staff.
SmartOffice Suite is an advanced Time and attendance software, and it is designed with web-based and desktop employee service records. The software enables businesses to manage and track their employees’ time and attendance data comprising leaves, overtime, comp-off, multi-shift, and more.
You can update SmartOffice Suite by going to the software’s ‘utilities’ section, clicking on devices, and selecting one of them. You need to proceed to the Edit option, followed by the ‘Device’ and ‘Type’ sections. Click on ‘Attendance’ and finally press ‘Update’ to get started.
Yes, you can create a report on SmartOffice by going to the software’s side menu. Click on the ‘Report’ option, followed by the ‘Dynamic Report’ option. A dynamic report dialog box will appear, where you’ll get a Quick button. Click it and start creating a new quick report.
IoT devices help in enhancing your work environment in numerous ways. For instance, an IoT printer helps in tracking maintenance, smart bulbs enable intelligent lighting, smart thermostats ensure climate control, and much more.
SmartOffice solutions enhance employee satisfaction in several ways. It helps in better collaboration, enhances productivity and efficiency, ensures hassle-free communications, provides real-time data, and makes a flexible work environment for your business.

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