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Business communications went into full-digital mode, owing to the pandemic. The situation necessitated innovation in communication and collaboration which led to solutions that are robust, secure, and reliable to serve as a proxy for real-life interactions. Our deep understanding of customer needs in the small, medium, and enterprise segments led to our partnership with Zoom communications, enabling us to provide businesses with highly unied communication solutions.You can now, connect, engage, and collaborate across all your devices with ease and convenience.

Benefits of Using Zoom from Tata Tele

From HD video to interactive meetings and performance optimization, Zoom offers you a superior web-conferencing experience.
One-Stop-Shop for SMEs
Robust Security with Multiple Layers
Simple, Easy-To-Use Products and Tools
Managed Service and Reporting
Comprehensive SLA
Unlimited Meetings

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Video conferencing is real-time video communication between two or more participants at a time. It is often essential for employees to attend a meeting. Still, it can be very costly to pay for the tickets, accommodation, and meeting space, with all of them belonging to different locations. Enterprise video conferencing is a method to bring employees together for a meeting while working remotely or at different locations. Using video conferencing at an enterprise enhances their productivity.
A service provider offers cloud-based video conferencing over the internet to individuals or organisations to commence meetings between two or more people at once. Video conferencing solutions use a mic and camera at the end of a participant and transfer the audio and visual data from the camera and mic over a server. Several companies offer several free and paid versions of cloud-based video conferencing. Some famous video conference companies are Skype, Zoho meeting, and zoom.
Cloud-based video conferencing, or VCaaS, gained popularity in the last few years because of the pandemic. Let us look at some of the leading video conferencing service providers. Zoom video conferencing BlueJeans Cisco Systems Google Meet Poly Microsoft Lifesize Inc. LogMeIn
To buy a business, an individual can opt for any of the four plans offered by zoom meetings. The basic plan is free and suitable for individuals but has limited benefits. If you are a business owner or an enterprise, then the other three plans, including the pro, business, and plan, are the best solutions for you with several benefits. A zoom meeting cost depends upon the plan you choose and any add-ons that you might have.
To make a zoom call in India, you need a zoom subscription. How many people will you add on zoom calls, and what features will you depend on the zoom meeting plan you choose.
There are several zoom resellers in India. One of India's top leading zoom resellers is Tata Tele Business Services.
Due to the effect of the pandemic, Business communications experienced a complete digital transformation. The circumstance required innovation in communication and cooperation, which prompted solutions that are strong, secure, and reliable solutions to act as an intermediary for real-life interactions. As a leading provider of digital solutions to every kind of business, Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has a profound comprehension of client needs in the SME and enterprise segments. Our association with Zoom will furnish businesses with highly unified communication solutions. We ensure to provide our clients with the best video conferencing solutions.
Zoom offers the best web-conferencing experience with explicit features and benefits. From hosting interactive meetings to performance optimization and HD video quality, Zoom video conferencing solutions have endless benefits for you. A few of them are as follows; Simple and Easy-to-use: The Zoom conferencing software and application are designed with a simple user interface. The interface and basic features make it quite easy to use, even for new users. Managed Services and Reporting: Zoom offers its users the best-managed services along with detailed analytics and reporting. These features are beneficial for businesses that often work over video meetings. Comprehensive SLA: Zoom has a highly comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA) via which it ensures to provide the level of service and support you expect. Unlimited Meetings: With a paid Zoom subscription, you get an unlimited number of meetings and endless hours for each of them. While with the free version, you have only a limited time for each meeting hosted.
Zoom is a video conferencing service provider that offers a bundle of products packed with different features and subscription plans that vary in view of the features included, meeting limits, and meeting time limitations. The following are the primary services that they offer: Zoom Phone Zoom Meetings and Chat Zoom Cloud Video Conferencing Zoom Rooms Zoom is undeniably ideal for both individual and business use cases. Its basic or free version is perfect for the typical client, including all features they need to work with individual calls and conferences. Their more advanced plans have an assortment of features appropriate for business use cases, for example, bigger member limits, breakout rooms, surveying, and many more.
Various Zoom plans and packages are available, which have some unique features. The following are the four Zoom Meeting plans that you can choose: Basic: Ideally appropriate for individual calls, you can have up to 100 members with a constraint of 40 minutes on group meetings of multiple members. Zoom Basic plan is free of cost. Pro: Best for small groups, you can have up to 100 members and host group meetings with a time limit of 24 hours. This plan likewise accompanies reporting included and cloud recording space for accounts. Zoom Pro pricing is Rs. 13,200 per year. Business: Designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, you can have meetings with up to 300 members. Get dedicated call support, a vanity URL, business branding, and an administrator dashboard that makes it simple for your company to utilize. Zoom Business pricing is Rs. 18,000 per year. Enterprise: designed for large, enterprise-level business needs, facilitating up to 500 members. This plan accompanies limitless distributed storage, a committed client success manager, and executive business reviews. Zoom Enterprise pricing is Rs. 21,600 per year. To assist you with picking the best plan, look at their available packages and membership choices. In light of your necessities, you can pick the best plan. You can likewise generally upgrade or downgrade to any other option as your Zoom meeting cost depends on your plan.
There are a few prescribed ways for facilitating secure Zoom meetings, including: Using the latest version of Zoom: Utilizing the ongoing version of Zoom guarantees you have the most recent security updates. Keeping Your Meeting ID (PMI) Private: Distributing your meeting ID is best suggested. While utilizing the Personal Meeting ID is valuable while planning meetings with your group and other individuals, don't utilize this feature in case you are hosting the meeting for a large audience or the general public. Creating a Meeting Passcode: Creating a meeting password guarantees that only invited individuals with the password can get to your hosted meeting. Be that as it may, you should not, in any case, share your meeting link on open platforms (for example, social media) as Zoom's default setting installs the password inside direct meeting links. Locking the Meeting: When all desired participants have joined or 10 mins into the class, set (Participants > Lock meeting) to prevent any new participant from joining the meeting while in progress. Managing eliminated members from entering a meeting. The default setting for all Tufts clients is to forbid eliminated members from returning to a meeting. It is ideal to leave this setting as the default to stay away from undesirable members in your meetings.
No, you do not compulsorily require to get a zoom subscription to join or host meetings. Anyone can use the Free basic version of Zoom for personal meetings. However, the version only allows a limited number of members and meeting times. People who use Zoom for business purposes often consider buying a Zoom subscription for purposes like enterprise video conferencing and personal meetings.
If you want to get a zoom subscription in India, you must have a registered Zoom account. On the other hand, A Zoom account isn't needed in case you are only joining Zoom Meetings as a member. On the off chance that somebody invites you to their meeting, you can join as a member without making an account. However, if the meeting host has restricted joining meetings from registered accounts, the member will require a Zoom account to join the meeting.

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