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Businesses need robust, seamless, and secure connectivity to communicate and transact over the Internet. As businesses across the world scale up their online presence, many continue to opt for the traditional Internet Leased Line (ILL) services for their connectivity needs, which leaves the business owner to contend with problems such as usage visibility, usage control, security, application maintenance, among others. Our Smart Internet Leased Line is a state-of-the-art solution which will help businesses get robust connectivity, security, manageability, and clear visibility of their users and network. It is an internet leased line bundled with cloud-based security and a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) interface which is easy to access,install, use, and view It solves inevitable problems such as usage visibility, usage control, security, application maintenance among others It provides businesses with the first line of defense in a cost-effective manner.The solution also provides a dashboard for real-time view of reports as well as managed services.

Benefits of Using Smart Internet Leased Line Service from Tata Tele

Bridge the connectivity gap with the remote accessibility and security of our dedicated Internet Leased Lines that ensures your business stays connected.
Robust 1:1 Symmetric Bandwidth
Real-Time Protection from Online Threats
Zero-day Protection from Domain Creation Monitoring
Virus Definition Update from Best-in-Class Cisco Server
DNS Update Scanner on Cisco Server
Real-Time Network Visibility
User-Friendly DIY Portal

Got Questions?

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Smart Internet is a bundled solution that provides ILL with DNS-based cloud security and manageability
Since Smart Internet is Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enabled, you can choose and enable your preference for security controls. Additionally, it provides proactive monitoring and 24*7 support
Starting bandwidth is 10 Mbps
No, Smart Internet is a bandwidth-based solution and number of users will not impact cost
You can log in to the TTBS portal and check the security dashboard
Since Smart Internet is DIY enabled, you can choose and enable your preference
It will be configured on your owned router or TTBS provided router
Please log in to our user-friendly DIY portal and check the dashboard
Centrex is a service for companies that don't want to invest in and manage their own private telecommunications network. It is a Central Office Exchange, not a PBX, because the lines from individual telephones and data terminals are connected directly to the PTO's exchange.
Smart Internet provides DNS-based security

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